3D illustrations and planning design services are tools architects and developers use to communicate design intentions to a client, board of directors or governing body. These images are also used to by the media when reporting on commercial and civic projects.


Often homeowners finds themselves needing more space to meet new lifestyle changes such as a growing family or home office addition.

Key Illustration can help design your new construction, addition or renovation for either a residential or commercial project. A 3D model allows for cost estimating analysis, building system constructability, comparisons between design options and scheduling analysis before construction. For residential, we work with several general contractors in the Denver area to facilitate the work.


An illustration can help the sale process of a property by communicating the as-built conditions or assess a property’s potential. For example, you can show prospective buyers how an exterior remodel can totally change a building’s functionality. Sometimes a property will not photograph well at the time it is put on the market—maybe it is winter and a key selling point are the gardens. For new construction an illustration of the building is essential.

Abend Colfax 2.jpg

As-built documentation services also play a key role in real-estate transactions, by providing clear and accurate records of existing-built conditions. These drawing services can be used to analyzing spaces for leasing purposes, verifying areas or building spaces or even used in property disputes. These drawings can be 2D or 3D, include interior/exterior elevations, sections, roof plans, reflected ceiling plans, electrical plans and foundation plans. Complex scheduling of windows, doors and finishes can also be accomplished, drawn with high-accuracy, noted and to scale.


Retail and workspace environmental branding requires an understanding of designing space, graphic design, branding principles and the practical knowledge on the different materials and processes needed to create the required environment. Key Illustration can bridge vision to deliver high-end fit out branding projects in collaboration with architects, interior designers, building companies, marketing managers and facility managers.


A sun orientation study can be used to envision design options: how much natural light an addition will add, create ecological designs, eco-homes or how shade/shadow will impact living spaces, and how it can afford quality of life in a design. A good design will save a client money now and in the long run.


Lighting studies start diagramatically. These mock-up models help determine light fixture placement, light spread, focus, and distribution. From here, photorealistic images can be developed that start to address real-world lighting conditions with falloff (attenuation), correct color spectrum of lighting and communicate with clients how their property illuminates at night.


Using a 3D model allows your building to be placed into a scale model of the actual 3D building site. This enables homeowners and developers to see how the design will work in context.


Animations create a virtual “walk-thru” of a proposed design—an effective method for exploring construction phasing and design options. A home buyer can take a virtual tour of the property by entering through the garage door into the kitchen and turn the corner to see how a proposed laundry room relates to everyday living.


More than just an image: a chance to dynamically engage the project. A picture captures a moment in time. But sometimes, one fixed image just isn't enough to show spaces, connections, and their use all at once, in one cohesive presentation.

360 degree panoramic image plants the viewer into your design and lets them explore at their leisure in a VR stereoscopic format that excites clients and communicates design intent at an amazing level.